IFPA Sports Medicine Trainer

  What you will learn?
Each chapter tackles a different body part and includes clear explanations about how it works—and why it sometimes doesn’t. Detailed descriptions of symptoms help you diagnose the injury, and illustrated treatment strategies help you overcome it. There is a very valuable index, and a comprehensive appendix on ballet.

Course Learning Objectives?
1. Learn, understand, and utilize the sports medicine principals presented here for the care and prevention of sports and fitness related injuries.

2. Learn and utilize with proficiency; safe, effective, and targeted exercise prescription in the sports medicine field.

3. Learn and understand the “Do's, Don'ts, Truths, and Misconceptions!” concerning sports medicine principles.

4. Learn the proficient use of safe, effective, and targeted rehabilitation exercises for sports medicine protocols.

5. Learn with proficiency how to rehab various injuries and difference muscle, joint, and bone sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions.

Course Learning Outcomes?
1. Learn to identify the sports medicine “General Tip-Offs” that are common to sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions.

2. Learn what save, effective, and specific actions to take for sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions.

3. Learn the positive possibilities to look for in a good sports medicine doctor.

4. Learn the sports medicine principles for safe and effective exercise prescriptions (the “BEST” Medicine for the Body!!!).

5. Learn the procedures and preparations for sports medicine operations and surgeries.

Certification Package Contents?

The IFPA Sports Medicine Certification includes:

1. Anybody's Sports Medicine textbook
2. Study guide

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