Educational International Courses

Personal Training Certification

This training shall help the delegates understand:

-The duties of the personal trainer
-How to perform a full client consultation and assessment session
-Fitness Testing and evaluation.
-Basic Muscle Physiology
-The anatomy of the skeletal system and the muscular system
-Coaching & Communication
-Design an exercise program for general population
-Nutrition and sport sets Nutrition

Who Should Attend?
Physical education teachers
physical therapists
sports coaches
personal trainers
group exercise instructors and anyone interested to improve their knowledge in the fitness and health field

Method of instructions?
Practical, Theoretical


International IFPA Exam (optional registration after the course) 
Test and Evaluation at the end of the courses

Course Material
A workbook available

  Advanced -  Personal Training Course

Personal Training – Level 4 Certification

Course Description:

Entry Requirements
- Suitable level 3 qualification in Gym instructing or fitness instruction.
- The course requires physical exertion and individual participation is essential, therefore a degree of physical fitness is necessary.
- There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) and maths involved, so learners should have basic skills in communication and maths pitched at level 3 (as a minimum).

Courses details:

This program contains 18 lessons:

Day 1

1 - Introduction to Personal Training:

-Physical Activity in 2008
-Scope of Practice
-Allied Healthcare Professionals
- Process of Personal Training
-Becoming a professional P.T.
- Personal Training Guidelines
Consultation & Assessment:
- Assessment Process
-Personality Styles
-Stages of Change
-Hierarchy of Needs
-Motivation & Adherence
-Documents required
-Health risk appraisal

2- Fitness Testing:

-Purpose of Fitness Testing
-Health Based Assessment:
Assessment for: HR, BP, RPE, Body Composition, WHR, Body Fat, Static & Dynamic Posture, Static & Dynamic Balance, Core function.
- Fitness Based Assessment:
Assessment for: Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance.

3- Advanced Anatomy:

-Detailed origin, insertion and muscles action – Upper Body

4- Advanced Anatomy:

-Detailed origin, insertion and muscles action – Lower Body & Midsection

Day 2

5- Common Injuries:

- Upper Body, Lower Body & Midsection
- Corrective Exercises

6- Muscle Physiology & Bioenergy

7- Endocrine System Anatomy & Physiology
Gastrointestinal System Anatomy & Physiology

8- Sports Nutrition:

- Macronutrients recommendations
- Supplements and doping

9- Metabolic Disorder:

- Obesity
- Diabetes
- Metabolic Syndrome

10- Nervous System Anatomy & Physiology

11- Cardiovascular & Cardiorespiratory Anatomy & Physiology

12- Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases:

- C.A.D.
- Hypertension
- Blood Lipid disorder
- Pulmonary Disease

Day 3

13- Strength and Conditioning:

- Power
- Speed
- Agility

14- Periodization


This program is accredited by:
-Europe Active and ereps as a Level 4 qualification
-ACSM approved provider


-Personal Training Certification – Level 4 from EREPS
-Advanced Personal Training Certification from INSPIRE & JUMP Academy - ACSM approved provider

Fundamentals of Mobility
(for functional training level 1)

32 Hours 

Mobility is an essential component of ANY exercise program. This is the case whether it is a one in one session or group exercise session. It is paramount to helping your participants move better and minimizing the chances of the injury occurring.
Most people have misunderstood mobility and think that it is merely a few stretches before a session. This couldn’t be further from the truth and this kind of routine will often lead to less efficient movement.

Our Mobility training course covers the essential components of any well designed mobility program in depth:

Joint Rolling
Self-Myofascial Release


The Mobility Training Course is extremely comprehensive and runs for 7-8 hours a day.
There is a combination of both theory and practical components. Participants work together in groups as they practice the techniques and see the impact it has on movements. The course is supported by a series of videos and detailed manual so participants have resources to continually refer to.

Why to take this Course?

1. Clients will love you! Who doesn’t want to feel better? Move Better? Have improved posture or enjoy some message?
2. You will stand out as a GREAT Trainer! Helping people with niggles and posture in addition to their other goals will help separate you from other trainers.
3. You will get Clients BETTER Results. After a properly designed mobility program, clients will be able to complete exercises through a full ROM.
4. You will be in a great position to generate referrals from other health professionals as you work collaboratively on helping people move better.

What you get out of the course:

Understanding the difference between different warm-up modalities.
Showing proficiency in the use of joint mobilization & muscle activation exercises.
Showing proficiency in the use of self-myofascial release exercises.
Showing proficiency in use of static & PNF stretching exercises
Understanding when to use the different warm-up modalities.

  Pilates Mat Certification - Modules 1,2 & 3

Module 1,2: 64 Hours
Module 3: 56 Hours


This Course shall help the delegates:
-Explore the life of Joseph H. Pilates and how he evolved the Art and Science of Contrology.
(The Pilates Method of body conditioning)
- Learn the Six Major Principles of Pilates and the importance of the “powerhouse” and “core stabilization”.
- Master the Pre-Pilates, Beginner Pilates Mat exercises and learn to instruct clients with clear and detailed step-by-step directions.
-Integrate these Pilates exercises into your daily mind & body conditioning routine.

Module 2 Pilates training to the highest level:
- Beginning with a review of Pilates Mat Module I, learn to use small equipment like the Magic Circle and Pole to facilitate the progression of the client’s workout.
- Incorporate hands-on skill, imagery, rhythm, and dynamic motion in the exercises to facilitate the client’s learning process.
- Learn the “Five Elements of the Mind” and the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection.
- Study the importance of resistance work in the Pilates workout.
Module 3 Pilates Advance training.
Who Should Attend?
Group exercise instructors
Yoga and Pilates instructors,
Any fitness enthusiasts looking to get certified and qualified.
Method of instructions?
Practical, Theoretical.
Practical Test and Evaluation at the end of the courses
Course Material?
A workbook available

Sport Injuries Workshops

1-Squats and Knee Pain - 4 CEC – 4 Hours

Approaching the science of squats and its effect on the knees, a deep look in research in regards to proper technique and knee safety. This workshop will try to clear the confusion in regards to squat depth, stance, assessment, correction and variations.
2-Thoracic Spine, Shoulder and Overhead Presses - 4 CEC – 4 Hours

To perfect the overhead press and in order for the shoulder to complete its full Range of Motion (ROM), understanding and addressing Thoracic mobility is a must. This workshop will identify the link between these elements and will propose strategies to keep the shoulder safe while developing loaded presses in overhead.
 3- Prevent ACL Injuries - 4 CEC – 4 Hours

Learn critical information that can prevent ACL injuries in male and female so players. This workshop, based upon the latest research in ACL injury prevention.
Techniques and exercises that aid in the control of the upper body, trunk, and lower body positioning and add muscular strength to prevent future ACL injuries during competitive practices and games.
4-Suspended Trainer and shoulder instability -2 CEC – 2 Hours

The unstable shoulder is a common presentation in a sports clinics within an active population. Suspended trainers are rising in popularity and they’re proven to be a trendy tool within a gym to perform different exercises and variations. However, “suspension” is a mechanical pull on the hanging joints and in the case of an unstable shoulder, an unaware trainer can do more harm than good. We will learn how to train safely, using the suspended trainer, without increasing the risk of an unstable shoulder. 

  Sports Medicine Trainer

 What you will learn:

 Each chapter tackles a different body part and includes clear explanations about how it works—and why it sometimes doesn’t. Detailed descriptions of symptoms help you diagnose the injury, and illustrated treatment strategies help you overcome it. There is a very valuable index and a comprehensive appendix on ballet.

Course Learning Objectives

1. Learn, understand, and utilize the sports medicine principals presented here for the care and prevention of sports and fitness related injuries.
2. Learn and utilize with proficiency; safe, effective, and targeted exercise prescription in the sports medicine field.
3. Learn and understand the “Do's, Don'ts, Truths, and Misconceptions!” concerning sports medicine principles.
4. Learn the proficient use of safe, effective, and targeted rehabilitation exercises for sports medicine protocols.
5. Learn with proficiency how to rehab various injuries and difference muscle, joint, and bone sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions.
Course Learning Outcomes

1. Learn to identify the sports medicine “General Tip-Offs” that are common to sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions
2. Learn what save, effective, and specific actions to take for sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions.
3. Learn the positive possibilities to look for in a good sports medicine doctor.
4. Learn the sports medicine principles for safe and effective exercise prescriptions (the “BEST” Medicine for the Body!!!).
5. Learn the procedures and preparations for sports medicine operations and surgeries.

Certification Package Contents

1. Anybody's Sports Medicine textbook
2. Study guide

  Group Exercise Certification
(Resistance Workout with Music Instructor)


Understanding music and create choreography in the right format.
Fitness Zone /Aerobic Zone/ Anaerobic Zone
Demonstrate and teach (verbal/visual) right technique the instructor needs to be in shape, fit and well educated for each program specifically.
Coaching Mastery.
Connection between instructors and members.
To make your class that super combination of fun and hard workout at the same time. Be an artist, an athlete and awesome leader on the stage.
Assisting the instructor create a well-planned class.

  In collaboration with Inspire Fitness Academy
List of Continuing Education Courses and Workshops:

Title                                                                                    CECs                                                              Duration                                                  Approved by
Body Weight Suspension Trainer                           8                                                                     8 hours                                             ACSM, ACE, NASM

Squats and Knee Pain                                                   4                                                                     4 hours                                             ACSM,ACE, NASM

Thoracic Mobility and Overhead Exercises      4                                                                     4 hours                                             ACSM,ACE, NASM

Shoulder dislocation and suspension trainer   4                                                                     4 hours                                             ACSM,ACE, NASM

Preventing ACL injuries                                               4                                                                     4 hours                                             ACSM,ACE, NASM

Functional Mobility                                                         8                                                                     8 hours                                            ACSM,ACE, NASM

Functional Movement Analysis
and Corrective Exercise – Level 1                           8                                                                     8 hours                                            ACSM,ACE, NASM

Functional Movement Analysis
and Corrective Exercise – Level 2                           8                                                                     8 hours                                            ACSM,ACE, NASM

Functional Movement Analysis
and Corrective Exercise – Level 3                           8                                                                     8 hours                                            ACSM,ACE, NASM

Advanced Weight Training                                        24                                                                   32 hours                                          ACSM

MMA Conditioning                                                        16                                                                   16 hours                                          ACSM

HIIT – Scientific and Practical Approach            16                                                                   16 hours                                          ACSM

Spine and postural disorders                                    24                                                                   24 hours                                          ACSM

Performance Nutrition                                                  8                                                                      8 hours                                           ACSM

Sports Injury prevention and post rehab            24                                                                   52 hours                                         ACSM

JUMP Academy provide self study programs by NASM:   

Certified Personal Training : CPT                                                                690 JD

Corrective Exercise Specialist: CES                                                           690 JD

Performance Enhancement Specialist: PES                                          690 JD

Senior Fitness Specialist: SFS                                                                       450 JD

Youth Exercise Specialist: YES                                                                     450 JD

Weight Loss Specialist: WLS                                                                         590 JD

Mixed Martial Art: MMA                                                                                 550 JD

Group PT specialist: GPTS                                                                             590 JD

Fitness Nutrition Specialist: FNS                                                               590 JD

Woman Fitness Specialist: WFS                                                                 550 JD